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Catholicism for Contemporary Catholics

"Whenever you enter a house, extend your peace" Matt 10:12 
Coins, Veil and Cord Ceremonies within Mass:

This is a custom that is most frequently among both Mexican and Filipino Catholics.  The Rope (lasso) in the shape of a figure eight is a Mexican weddings custom and a large Rosary is used at Filipino weddings symbolizing becoming one.   The veil is pinned to the groom's shoulder and over the bride's hair to symbolize the shelter they provide them.  The gift of coins by the groom to the bride and her acceptance symbolizes mutual obligations to care for the family and home.  (If no Mass, the Veil/Cord takes place immediately after coins.)

The exchange of COINS usually takes place after the exchange of RINGS with the following:


Priest:  Lord, bless + these coins, a symbol of the material abundance and prosperity that you give your people, through Christ our Lord.

Groom:  BRIDE'S NAME, accept these coins as my pledge to support you and our children, to stand by you and be at your service.

Bride:  GROOM'S NAME, I accept these coins with a grateful heart. With a trusting spirit, I place myself in your care. I, in turn want to stand by you and give my care in all your concern.

Groom to Bride:  BRIDE'S NAME, receive these coins. They are tokens of the care and compassion that extends beyond those things that may be lacking, yet necessary, in our home.

Bride to Groom:  I, BRIDE'S NAME, receive these coins as a sign of your care and compassion that extends even beyond all those events we may enjoy in our home.

Priest:  BRIDE and GROOM, you have just made your vows to each other in the presence of our Lord and your family and friends around you. We accept you as a married couple in our community and we pray that the Lord will strengthen your love and fill you both with his blessing.

(SPONSOR AFFIRMATION (below) may occur here:

Best Man: May I call on the principal sponsors to come forward.

Priest: We have been privileged to witness a special event in the lives of BRIDE and GROOM. They have made their covenant in our presence and have indicated their intention to move through life together. We are now given the opportunity to indicate our support by answering the following questions:
Do you commit yourself to providing all of the encouragement and support possible to help BRIDE and GROOM in their marriage? If so, please answer, I DO.
And do you agree to do all in your power to assist BRIDE and GROOM in the struggles which they are bound to encounter? If so, please answer, I DO.
And do you give yourself to the ideal of living out a life of commitment, that BRIDE and GROOM may see in you that toward which they too should strive? If so, answer, I DO.
And do you offer them the best of your care and counsel in their times of struggle and your celebration with them in their times of joy? If so, answer, I DO.

Maid of Honor: Principal sponsors, please be seated.)

At the beginning of the Offertory, when Bride and Groom kneel, the priest then invites the VEIL SPONSORS to come forward. The VEIL SPONSORS come forward and pin a veil to the shoulders of the Bride and Groom. The VEIL SPONSORS then retreat from whence they came.

The priest then invites the CORD SPONSORS to come forward. The CORD SPONSORS come forward and place an intertwining cord (either rope or a large rosary) over the heads of the Bride and Groom and atop the veil. The CORD SPONSORS then retreat from whence they came.


Best Man:  BRIDE and GROOM, please kneel down.

Maid of Honor:  May I call (the secondary sponsors) (the candle sponsors to light the candles, to be followed by) the veil and cord sponsors. (OR in order of precedence)

Priest:   Dear Lord, bless this man, GROOM, now married to this woman, BRIDE. Now that they are husband and wife, may these articles represent their joining in marriage. (By lighting the wedding candle, they symbolize the ending of two separate lives and their union into one with Christ.) Let this veil clothe and this cord bind them, as one. Keep them in your care and guide them with your constant care, always and everywhere.
Couple: Amen.

Mass continues. Veil and Cord remain ON until conclusion of the Nuptial Blessing.
At the conclusion of the Nuptial Blessing, the priest invites the CORD SPONSORS to come forward and remove cord. CORD SPONSORS return to whence they came. Then priests invites the VEIL SPONSORS to come forward and remove veil.The VEIL SPONSORS then retreat from whence they came.

Mass continues.

Officiant, a reader or member of the wedding party may read the following explanation before/as the event takes place in the ceremony:

These coins signify prosperity and wealth. Together may you aspire to better your life and those you love. May yours be the fulfillment of dreams and aspirations. You are wealthy indeed, as attested by the loved ones who are here with you today, bearing witness to your love to each other, with their best wishes on this your special day. Today marks the first day of the rest of your life together.

This veil signifies union and oneness. We have two individuals before us now, who after this day, will become as one, sharing one home, one name and one family. Let no distance, nor barrier separate your hearts and minds. Together you will build a future for yourselves (and your children to come) through love and perseverance.

This cord signifies strength. May this cord make you pillars of strength and righteousness. You are what your children will be. It is from you that your children will draw strength. You will be their role model of what is right and wrong.

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